Young, Gifted and Black with $hmoney Bundle

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Start changing your narrative today with an exclusive discount!

It hits different when you’re young and gifted with $hmoney in your 20s!

You’ve had some experiences that only our ancestors come dreamed of, like graduating from college or making the most money anyone in your family has ever made.

Those talents and gift come with a responsibility that many of us were not taught -- having good financial health.

SO INTRODUCING THE YGB$ BUNDLE - the all-inclusive financial guide tailored for folks from our community who are ready to level up their health and make new narratives a reality!

Why You Need It

Let's keep it real - the education system didn't teach us about handling money, and our parents might not have had the knowledge to share either. Think of this bundle as a love letter for future you.

This bundle is for anyone who feel may

1) confused on the whole money thing after being broke AF

2) ready to start "adulting" with things like budgeting, building credit or savings or getting rid of toxic debt relationships

The YGB$ bundle is here to bridge the gap and make financial literacy simple, cultural and empowering!

What's Inside?

📊 Money Basics Made Easy: Say goodbye to financial stress! We've got step-by-step breakdowns that covers the 5 key financial basics -- from budgeting, savings, debt, credit and investing -- with easy-to-use Excel tools to get started

🎓 Masterclass Access: Community learning is key! As a YGB$ bundle owner, you'll get free access to exclusive masterclasses hosted by The $hmoney Coach (yours truly). Stay ahead of the game in community to keep your financial health sharp.

My Personal Financial Health Journey

I grew up in a low-income community where many faced physical, mental AND financial health challenges. During my college days, I had to learn how to manage money on my own while making extremely low income. But I didn't let that stop me on the financial goals I set for myself. The journey wasn't easy, but with the same principles included in the YGB$ Bundle, I achieved incredible milestones to become the financially healthy adult I am today.

It's more than just financial tips and tools, it's empowerment and mindset to transform and take control on our narratives.

Literacy begets actions, and action begets health.

Let this resource help you to achieve just that.

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You will receive 62 page PDF with 4 editable templates and tutorials and a referral code to earn rewards Rakuten.


Young, Gifted and Black with $hmoney Bundle

0 ratings
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